A timeless, evocative and beautiful brand identity for Elisha Pickles Photography

proudly presenting . . .

“. . . collect moments, not things . . .” 

Elisha approached me after we’d completed the Me & Orla The InstaRetreat course together. She really loved my work and after the initial Zoom call, she decided that I was the perfect designer to create a beautiful brand identity for her new photography business.

Elisha’s main interest is in people – she loves to create images with a human element – ones which tell a real story. Having gained a reputation amongst her photographer friends of being able to capture intimate details particularly well. Elisha’s light, clean images have a clear narrative – joy, connection and story – she manages to beautifully capture those emotive moments, allowing the viewer to feel as if they’ve borne witness to a particular moment in time. 

Her photography style is very timeless, evocative and beautiful, which is reflected throughout her image gallery. Her natural, candid images have an air of authenticity about them. 

As a fledgling business, Elisha wanted her branding to come across as professional, yet approachable, something she wants to carry through her entire client experience from her website to the photo shoot to the delivery of the final images. She also needed a brand identity which would not only attract her ideal clients, but could grow with her business over the coming years.

Elisha Pickles Photography - Brand Moodboard

For Elisha’s brand I took inspiration from her beautiful images and her love of being near the coast. The soft, muted colours are evocative of a late English summer: the gentle soft dove greys of water-worn beach pebbles, the whispery blues of early morning skies, the dusty greens found in the myriad of dune grasses and the deep teal, reminiscent of the dark depths of the sea. 

The traditional serif font nods to heritage and adds an air of elegance and aspiration, while the sans serif font adds a touch of modern luxury. 

Elisha Pickles Photography - Colour Palette

Elisha Pickles Photography - Business Cards

Elisha Pickles Photography - Primary Logo

Elisha Pickles Photography - Primary Logo Alternative

In order to give Elisha maximum flexibility with her new brand identity, I also created some alternatives which could be used through a variety of different physical and virtual publications and platforms.

Elisha Pickles Photography - Secondary Logo

Elisha Pickles Photography - Brand Mark

Elisha Pickles Photography - Thank You Card + Packaging

Elisha Pickles Photography - Pop Up Roller Banner

Elisha Pickles Photography - Letterhead + Rubber Stamp

Elisha was delighted with the final results and her business is currently going from strength to strength! www.elishapicklesphotography.co.uk

If you’re thinking of branding or rebranding your business I’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch here

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